Low Balance Insurance Follow Up

Low Balance Insurance Follow Up
recovers critical, often overlooked revenue

Elevate Patient Financial Solutions® A/R experts serve as an extension of our client’s business office and work directly with payers to resolve low-balance claims. Our specialized technology and expertise offer a proven solution for providers to capture this critical revenue. Clients place low balance accounts with ElevatePFS anytime from “zero” days after submitting a claim to a payer to 60 days post-submission. Our process can be seamlessly interfaced with all major patient accounting systems, giving our clients full visibility into account status.

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We work all accounts specified by the provider at an agreed-upon frequency. Our team immediately begins identifying reasons for claim denial or rejection and following up to obtain documentation for billing or re-billing. We track Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial health insurance coverage and billing deadlines, and all claims are prioritized according to timely filing deadlines, write-offs, patient transfers, and potential for collecting.

As a value-added service, our proprietary screening software scrubs all accounts with no identified health insurance coverage against commercial and government payer databases to locate coverage that may have been available at the time of service. When coverage is identified, we then bill the appropriate payer or Medicaid program and collect on behalf of the hospital.

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The Elevated Difference




Our dedicated teams have deep A/R experience to resolve the most difficult claim populations. We partner with each of our clients to understand their specific needs and build an ARS strategy to meet those needs.




Our proprietary specialized workflow technology works accounts in a methodical manner that drives efficiencies and increases revenue recovery. It features an 835 stratification process that analyzes claims at the time of receipt and matches them to denial reason codes.




We offer a complimentary assessment of your A/R inventory. It’s a risk-free way to try out our powerful 835 stratification process and see the impact we can deliver for you.



Typically, 95% of all accounts placed are quickly resolved by payment or response from the payer.

A Partner You Can Trust
for Unmatched Results.

ElevatePFS delivers outstanding results. With more than 1,700 client facilities and a 98% client retention rate, we’re a proven partner that you can count on.