Workers’ Compensation
services eliminate the
roadblocks to quick recovery

Workers’ compensation claims can be time consuming and complicated for healthcare providers to collect on. Elevate Patient Financial Solutions® provides an end-to-end Worker’s Compensation model that has assisted hospitals across the nation with a more streamlined and integrated solution that improves cash acceleration. The complexity involved with this unique payer source not only requires specialized training on the various state regulatory requirements but also expert insight related to the accuracy of payments, along with proven dispute resolution processes.

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We focus on eliminating the roadblocks to a quick recovery and provide faster payment on these claims by identifying all potential payer sources for reimbursement. Since workers’ compensation accounts don’t coordinate with other payers, we are at the forefront of electronic billing and remit transmissions. When we bill electronically, we typically see a 45% decrease in processing time.

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The Elevated Difference

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Our proprietary technology
enables us to efficiently manage
inventory & optimize revenue recovery.

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We provide an integrated approach
with our other services for increased
payer discovery.

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Our tenured team has WC-specific
expertise in every state to maximize
account resolution and maintain

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We pursue all underpayments with
a proactive, low-dollar denial/
underpayment approach.

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We ensure compliance with all federal
and state statutes through intelligent/
proactive system management.

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We use diverse and targeted methods to
identify all potential payer sources
immediately and collect all potential
dollars – including a focus on small dollar
denials and underpayments.

A Partner You Can Trust
for Unmatched Results.

ElevatePFS delivers outstanding results. With more than 1,700 client facilities and a 98% client retention rate, we’re a proven partner that you can count on.