Self-Pay/Early Out

Elevated patient experience
and collection results

We engage with patients — through compassion, dignity, and respect — helping them understand their medical bills and
insurance options. Our dedicated call center of highly trained, U.S.-based patient service representatives, connect with,
and educate patients after care, offering a variety of convenient ways to bring their accounts to full resolution.

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ElevatePFS’ comprehensive patient customer service and patient follow-up process is customized for each patient based on language, channel, and payment preferences. Our call center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing patients to pay their accounts in full, set up payment arrangements, request an itemized bill and receive assistance.

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Patient Hold Times

Our patient hold times exceed industry best
practice standards of 1 minute or less.

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Our call abandonment rate is 5 percent or less.

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Our patient complaint ratio is under 0.05%.

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Our first call resolution rate is more than 90 percent.
The first time we speak with a patient, our goal is to
bring their account to resolution, which increases
patient satisfaction.

A Partner You Can Trust
for Unmatched Results.

ElevatePFS delivers outstanding results. With more than 1,500 client facilities and a
greater than 95% client retention rate, we’re a proven partner that you can count on.