Complex Claims

Elevated Solutions designed to
solve the most complex challenges

We’ve been honing and perfecting solutions for complex claims for more than four decades. Elevate Patient Financial Solutions® has created unique systems and procedures to resolve claims quickly and effectively. We can handle your most complicated accounts, allowing your team to focus on other priorities.

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Third Party Liability

Solving third party liability accounts with
unmatched legal expertise

The ElevatePFS team has 30-plus years of TPL experience and specialized technologies to identify third-party accounts efficiently and effectively. With a compassionate approach, we discover all potential recovery options, while maintaining compliance at every level.

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Workers' Compensation

An experienced partner who knows what to look for

Workers’ Compensation claims can be challenging to identify and navigate. ElevatePFS has specialized WC expertise, proprietary technology and proven processes to effectively determine all potential payer sources and collect on all potential reimbursement.


Veteran's Adminstration

Resolving the accounts of those who have sacrificed for us

At ElevatePFS, we have a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding VA billing, appeals, aging, high dollar, and other problematic issues. We use thorough, comprehensive processes and longstanding, personal relationships with Veterans Integrated Services Network (VISN) contacts nationwide to provide collection and follow-up services on all accounts, including everything needed to transmit the bill and obtain reimbursement from the Veteran's Administration.

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Coordination of Benefits
(COB) Denials

Combining compassion and technology to resolve accounts

COB denials can be difficult to navigate and time-consuming to
manage. These accounts often require the expertise and resources of
a partner who can locate and connect with patients to resolve denials
quickly and improve conversion rates. Additionally, we help prevent
reoccurring future denials by diagnosing the root cause.

A Partner You Can Trust
for Unmatched Results.

ElevatePFS delivers outstanding results. With more than 1,700 client facilities and a 98% client retention rate, we’re a proven partner that you can count on.