Eligibility Head-to-head Analysis Case Study

Case Study | February 27, 2023

ElevatePFS Outperforms Competitor in Head-to-head Analysis

The Challenge

After a solid 14-year relationship, a large not-for-profit healthcare organization with hospitals and health providers in the South wanted to reaffirm it had the best revenue cycle management partner in Elevate Patient Financial SolutionsSM for its eligibility and enrollment needs. The organization wanted to make sure they were being good stewards of their resources and to improve their staffing and collaboration with their departments, including their case management team. In a head-to-head analysis, the organization gave half of their eligibility accounts to a second revenue cycle vendor to see if they could do a better job of improving their processes and to see if ElevatePFS was still delivering exceptional performance and results for them. 

The Solution

During the head-to-head comparison, ElevatePFS outperformed the second vendor and provided the expertise, performance, and value-added services the client needed. ElevatePFS had the checks and balances in place with the client’s leadership team due to a strong relationship and was able to continue to build on that relationship through trust and reliability. ElevatePFS goes above and beyond for clients and took the time to put best practices in place at the organization, resulting in increased revenue recovery and an elevated patient experience. 

ElevatePFS supplied the needed IT support and expertise the other vendor could not provide, including for case management. ElevatePFS also addressed issues with delays and poor patient experience that had arisen from the accounts the other vendor was working. Additionally, ElevatePFS had the resources to offer disability advocacy and successfully guide and advocate for patients at the organization to obtain their benefits. 

While the other vendor struggled with staffing, ElevatePFS was able to deliver long tenured staff, strong project leadership, and low staff turnover due to their culture of supporting the development and growth of their people. 

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The Results

ElevatePFS demonstrated they were the best partner that could provide a full-service solution for the client and was able to win back all their eligibility business. As a result of ElevatePFS’ exceptional performance, the organization hired ElevatePFS for additional services for their billing, denial, follow-up, and long-term care applications. The results of the analysis showed that after ElevatePFS worked 50% of the client’s eligibility accounts, it achieved a gross conversion rate of 44% — 12% more than the second vendor. 

The Elevated Difference

With the growing number of challenges providers face, ElevatePFS is a proven partner that providers can turn to for exceptional RCM solutions. In a most recent HFMA Peer Review survey, ElevatePFS clients gave the company a customer satisfaction rating of 100%. Our full-service Eligibility & Enrollment solution helps patients find available programs to pay for their medical care, resulting in increased revenue recovery for our clients and a better healthcare experience for their patients. 

Our experts work alongside our clients’ teams to build strong relationships and to provide compassionate advocacy for their patients. 

ElevatePFS has the people, process, and technology to provide positive outcomes for providers and a better patient experience that builds long-term patient-provider loyalty and mutual trust. The result is a trusted partner that clients can rely on long term.