Eligibility and Self-Pay Case Study

Case Study | March 11, 2024

Trusted RCM Vendor Delivers Comprehensive Eligibility and Self-Pay Solutions for Healthcare System

A healthcare system in the Northeast was looking for help screening patients without medical insurance to see if they were eligible for assistance from federal, state, and local programs and with their self-pay population. Seeing the healthcare environment change through the years, they needed a partner that understood the organization’s commitment to the highest quality of care and compassionate service.

The hospital system partnered with Elevate Patient Financial Solutions® and to date, the ElevatePFS Self-Pay solution has averaged more than 35% over the first 10 months, with some months’ collections averaging as high as 50%. Eligibility & Enrollment Services for the healthcare system have also exceeded expectations, with approvals ramping up 13.2%.

Click the button below to download the full case study to learn more how the system’s team was impressed by ElevatePFS’ communication and ability to correct the disposition of accounts between the insured and uninsured to ensure faster resolution and a positive patient experience.

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