Eligibility and Enrollment Case Study

Case Study | July 3, 2024

RCM Vendor Improves Health System’s Patient Eligibility and Enrollment across Multiple States, Surpasses Performance Goals

A large not-for-profit health system in the Midwest needed help streamlining eligibility and enrollment for patients and determining coverage across multiple states. Having outsourced to a variety of revenue cycle management vendors, the provider was increasingly experiencing challenges managing them, and was frustrated by the vendors’ lack of transparency and communication, and their poor performance. The health system needed the resources and support of a trusted and reliable vendor partnership to improve their eligibility and out-of-state billing services in multiple markets. The provider partnered with Elevate Patient Financial Solutions® initially in two of their four markets. ElevatePFS quickly outperformed their other vendors, becoming their boots on the ground.

Click the button below to download the full case study to learn how ElevatePFS surpassed performance goals and out-performed the previous vendor with a $19.4 million year-over-year growth in revenue recovery. 

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