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We work all accounts specified by the provider at an agreed-upon frequency. Our team immediately begins identifying reasons for claim denial or rejection and following up to obtain documentation for billing or re-billing. We track Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial health insurance coverage and billing deadlines, and all claims are prioritized according to timely filing deadlines, write-offs, patient transfers, and potential for collecting.

As a value-added service, our proprietary screening software scrubs all accounts with no identified health insurance coverage against commercial and government payer databases to locate coverage that may have been available at the time of service. When coverage is identified, we then bill the appropriate payer or Medicaid program and collect on behalf of the hospital.

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Denials Management & Underpayment Recovery

Identify and overturn denials to maximize your revenue recovery.

Elevate Patient Financial Solutions® combines extensive revenue cycle management reimbursement experience, proven processes, and proprietary software to identify and collect on denials and underpayments.

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  • Recover Revenue Left Behind with our expert teams and specialized zero balance technology.
  • Prevent Future Revenue Leakage with our root cause analysis reporting that provides insights for continuous process improvement.
  • Start Recovering Quickly with our quick and easy implementation, so you can start collecting in as soon as 60 days.
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Payer Contract Management


Elevate Patient Financial Solutions® hospital contract management software offers a simplified way to identify and overturn wrongful underpayments and denials. You can generate on-demand, detailed Payment Variance reports that compare the expected plan allowable to the amount that was paid by the payer — whether it was billed electronically or by paper. Keep your current claims management workflow while adding auto-calculated underpayments and denials to boost your net patient revenues.

Model any payer contract type

ElevatePFS handles all contract modeling, updates, rate tables and more. Our powerful calculators pre-calculate the expected payer reimbursement and compare that amount to the payment processed by the payer. We built our calculators to accommodate all types of complex reimbursement rates and have incorporated various qualifiers per calculator.

Have a special contract calculator need? We will build it.

Additional Functionality

We also offer additional optional functionality for full claims management for needs management, workflow assignment, custom reporting, financial forecasting and more.

The Elevated Difference




Our team's deep reimbursement expertise in payer contracts, registration, coding, documentation and billing, and the fact that we check every zero balance claim for payment variances, means we identify every underpayment. 




We assign claims to a specialized expert according to payer name, contract type, variance reasons, or dollar amounts, to collect every penny you're due according to your payer contracts.




Our customized appeal letters, phone calls, follow up process workflow, and legal counsel results in more successful appeals and greater revenue recovery for you.

A Partner You Can Trust
for Unmatched Results.

ElevatePFS delivers outstanding results. With more than 1,700 client facilities and a 98% client retention rate, we’re a proven partner that you can count on.