Low Balance Insurance Follow Up Case Study

Case Study | April 30, 2024

RCM Vendor Delivers Improved Cash Flow on Low Balance Accounts for Northeast Healthcare Provider

A Maryland-based healthcare provider with more than 20 locations was growing at a booming rate. Over the last 25 years, its patient population increased by nearly 40 percent. To keep pace with the growth, the provider needed a revenue cycle management partner to work its low balance account inventory.

The healthcare provider expanded their relationship with Elevate Patient Financial Solutions® by giving them their low balance A/R inventory. The provider initially sent ElevatePFS a backlog of more than 12,000 accounts valued at almost $13M. Even though a large percentage of the backlog was made up of accounts past timely filing, ElevatePFS made a significant impact on the accounts that were able to be resolved. 

Click the button below to download the full case study to learn how ElevatePFS’ expert teams and specialized technology recovered reimbursement on the low balance accounts quickly and efficiently. Through ElevatePFS' improved processes, collection rates grew from 11.5% to more than 25%, making a substantial difference to the provider’s bottom line.

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